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Hello, I am an artist and welcome to my gallery. You may find some of my works very challenging and cerebral, so I have added detailed explainations to help you understand them. If you wish to buy any of the works, you may email me. Enjoy!

Jack in the Box

"Trapped In A Box", oil on canvas.

I made this painting when I was feeling 'trapped' by the confines of the traditional gallery space, frustrated at the expectations for an environment to be box-shaped. Note the green triangle, an exciting and refreshing taste of what lies beyond the 'white cube'.

Shopping cart
"Shop Up", acrylic on recycled cardboard.

A clever wordplay on the phrase 'shut up', drawing on the fact that the trolley symbol can be personified as some kind of monstrous mouth. I wanted to bring up the issue of whether we should be saying 'shop up' to Capitalism.

Paint and Brush

"A Painting of Me Painting", watercolour on watercolour paper.

A challenging concept that makes the audience question their own boundaries and interpretations of a fictional space, as opposed to reality. It paticularly emphasises the impossibility of photorealism in a painting being a replacement for realism in a painting. The cold colours also remind us of 'cold reality'.

I'd really
appreciate my images not being stolen or copied, they took me a lot of time and thought to create and I think of them as my children. If you are interested in buying a work, contact me at natalielovespainting@craftcontacts.com. Thank you.

If you want me for anything other than my beauftiful paintings, contact via 07716301264 or at